Monday, November 1, 2010


South Africa get Razzaqed as they lose to Pakistan (sorry by Abdul Razzaq) by 1 wicket in the 2nd ODI.
What a finish to the game by Razzaq. These is the stuff for which movie climaxes are made. Doesnt really happen in real life. But it happened. Razzaq hit 10 sixes and scored 63 off the last 65 runs to take Pakistan to victory. What an innings. And all this while his partners (Haider, Wahab Riaz, Ajmal) were all busy trying to run themselves out and with Shoaib Akhtar for company. Razzaq reached his 50 with a boundary of the last baal of the 44th over and had scored his century with the 3rd ball of the 50th. And it was chanceless clean hitting. No  mishits, no dropped catches.  Will definitely go down as one of the greatest ODI innings ever. 

P.S. Dont think this will have much off an impact on Pakistani cricket though. They are too unpredictable and have seen too many false dawns.

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