Monday, December 20, 2010

Arbit Statistics - 4

1st Test, India vs South Africa, Centurion
South Africa win by an innings & 25 runs in a match which will forever be remembered for Sachin Tendulkar's 50th Test Century.

Now for the arbit stat of the match. India's score of 459 in the 2nd innings is the highest innings score made by the losing team in an innings loss. Now as an India fan I dont know what to feel about this stat.
  1. India lost by an innings - :(
  2. India scored 459 in 2nd innings - :)
  3. India lost by an innings in spite of scoring 450 odd in 2nd innings - :O
  4. India were hopelessly pathetic in the 1st innings - :'(
  5. Not just batting, India were pretty bad with the ball as well in the 1st innings. - :(
So, basically one stat just sums up the match quite well.

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