Thursday, June 30, 2011

Technology Adulteration

Some interesting news reports coming in about the 2nd India-West Indies Test.
The on-field upmire Ian Gould checked with the 3rd umpire if Fidel Edwards had overstepped before giving Dhoni out caught in the 1st innings.The replay showed that it was a legal delivery and Dhoni was given out. Now it seems the broadcasters had shown the wrong replay and Edwards had actually overstepped.
A pretty major controversy is likely to be in the offing now. The umpires did their job. But the role of broadcasters is now coming into question.

Seems pretty ironic when seen in the light of what Dhoni himself said about the referrals during the World Cup. "Well, adulteration is quite bad whether it is natural or technological. I think the adulteration of the technology with the human technology was the reason why we didn't get that wicket. So I hope next time it will be technology or human intention" (Source: TOI article here)

Everyone agreed for using DRS, now how do the governing bodies plan to deal with the broadcasters.

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