Saturday, February 21, 2015

World Cup 2015: Short Notes - Feb 21st

Another round of one-sided hammerings. These matches are still watchable for their sheer sadistic quality.
  • Today's notes begin with an after-thought from yesterday's Kiwi-English game. The shambolic English performance could be summed up by New Zealan'd winning "shot" - an over the head wide running down to the boundary.
  • And now for today's game of the upredictables. I had predicted a Pakistani win but given that these are the two most unpredictable teams around the result couldn't have been any more opposite. West Indies recorded their biggest ever victory against Pakistan.
  • 1 for 4. Thats the score most of India woke up to. And we were celebrating out big victory against this team.
  • Arbit Stat#41: 1 run - the lowest combined score made by the top four batsmen in an ODI innings
  • West Indies have come back from losing against Ireland to hammering Pakistan throwing Group B wide open. The inconsistency of the teams in the mix just adds to the unpredictability although the long drawn format was designed to maintain status quo.
  • Bangladesh must be really happy to get away with a point from a washed out game against the Aussies. This one point might well crucial in the end.
  • Its still early days but funny to see England and Pakistan bang at the bottom of their respective groups after 2 games each.
  • Tomorrow the big boys come to play. Will India finally manage to open their account against South Africa in the World Cups. Or will this mauka mauka game continue.

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