Friday, January 22, 2010

India vs Pakistan: Low Hype Match-up

I could not find many articles on this match. So as a real cricket fan felt it was my moral duty to hype up this game. As I write this, 4 hours from now, in the distant country of New Zealand, India take on Pakistan in the 1st quarter-final of the Under-19 World Cup. The stakes are pretty high for both teams. Its a straight knock-out with the winner advancing and the loser getting their championship hopes dashed. This is also the first match at any level between the two sub-continent rivals after the tamasha at the IPL auction. This should add to the interest levels for the game.
I really dont know much about the players from either of the teams, but this is their chance to shine. There aren't many platforms better than this to get noticed.
Hoping & praying for an Indian win tomorrow.

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