Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Indian Injury Conspiracy

India vs Bangladesh Test Series, 2010
As expected the Indians are on their way to a 2-nil victory over Bangladesh in the Idea Cup Test Series. Cricket Wise it was a decent performance. Barring the the odd hiccup here and there, its been more or less a comfortable victory in terms of the field performance. But there is something else which is worrying me here.
Prior to first Test Dhoni & Harbhajan get injured, but they recover in time for the second and were not really missed. But after that the story gets grim.
Sreesanth - Hamstring injury (normal injury for any fast bowler)
Laxman - Hand (never heard of Laxman missing Tests due to injury)
Yuvraj Singh - Wrist Ligament Damage
Dravid - Broken Jaw (Hit on the side of the helmet while batting)
Tendulkar - Shoulder (while fielding)
And all this just prior to the South African series which is being billed as the "World Championship of Test Cricket" (with the top 2 ICC ranked Test teams taking on each other). The entire Indian middle order is injured and in doubt for the the tests against South Africa.
Is this a mere coincidence or are the South Africans performing some sort of Voodoo/Dark Arts/Black Magic/Witchcraft/Sorcery on our team? (Or are the Pakistanis involved following the IPL auction?)
Just wondering...

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  1. when South Africans are best coaches for our team........you can never deny that.


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