Friday, September 3, 2010

No Balls - The ICC Acts

Post the "Spot Fixing - No Ball" scandal there has been a lot of reactions. Most of them have been on predictable lines.
The concerned players (Butt, Aamer, Asif) have been proclaiming their innocence.
PCB taking no real action.
ECB wanting the trio to be taken out of the ODI leg of the tour.
Pakistani fans protesting.
Ex-players calling for life bans if guilty.
Pakistan government officials claiming it to be a conspiracy to malign Pakistani players. And blaming it on India as well.
The trio withdrawing themselves from the rest of the tour blaming it on the ongoing "mental torture". This in itself was a good sign. At least the heavy scrutiny was gone from the remaining matches.

ICC suspending the trio till further notice. Now this was one development which was not really anticipated. ICC has never shown any inclinclination to take a firm decision on any matter till date (chucking issue,Darrel Hair controversy at Oval, Zimbabwe come immediately to the mind in this regard). However this time they have acted very firmly. Match fixing is really the biggest crime for a sports lover as it takes out the element of uncertainty from the game. ICC has acted tough in this regard. Have to applaud the actio. Hope to see such decisive actions in the future as well.

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