Monday, September 6, 2010

The Pakistan Mess

After the latest "revelations" about the Pakistani team. (Yasir Hameed's videotape), the only conclusion I can draw is that the whole Pakistani cricket is full of a bunch of morons. What was Hameed doing talking about the match fixing to people who video taped him, just days after the Spot Fixing scandal was revealed. He talks about his own cleanliness and claims other members have fixed matches. And after the video is released, he denies all this. Apparently the entire tape was taken out of context!!! And the reporters just put words in his mouth. Not easy to believe. Add to this the various conspiracy theories suggested by PCB and the Pakistani High Commissioner. Either they take the entire world to be idiots or are a bunch of morons themselves. 
I really feel sorry for the Pakistani fans who have to support this team. This text from the cricinfo commentary for the T20 match played today sums it all.

An early shout from Andrew Miller, who is at the ground: "Just been speaking to some fans. Three Pakistanis in green wigs, and carrying banners. One of them read: "Floods killing people in Pakistan. Pakistan cricket team killing fans," and while we were speaking it was confiscated by a steward. They've been allowed to keep the other one: "We're only here because we bought our tickets two months ago"...
"The three of them paid £55 a head for their tickets. "Never again," adds Younis, the eldest of the trio. "I read in the newspaper, pick the bad apples and throw them out. I say pull the tree up at the roots, and throw the tree out. Pick a new team with a new board, new management, everything new ..."
Also feel bad for MCC and England players. ECB hosted Pakistan with a neutral series against Australia and now have to suffer this. While the England players have to play in such circumstances where the focus is definitely not on the cricket.
Here is the video of the Yasir Hameed sting.

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