Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cricket & India

I was watching the press conference of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh earlier today. The news editors asked quite a few queries on matters of national importance. Corruption, Inflation, Budget, Egypt crisis, Issues with Sri Lanka, Internal Security etc, quite a few matters were raised. In between one editor asked a pretty weird question.
"Sir the cricket world cup is about to be held. And people think India will win. Do you think India will win the World Cup?". The prime minister obviously agreed with the public sentiment here. Immediately this was followed by a supplementary "Who is your favorite cricketer?" And like he had been doing with other queries the PM avoided giving a straight answer by declining to name the player. (Aside - Wonder if he really knows many or he could have just mentioned SRT)
And then the questions again moved back to the serious matters; corruption, inflation, budget... (subjects not under the scope of this blog).
Just goes to show the importance of cricket to us Indians.

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