Friday, February 18, 2011

The World Cup - Still Waiting to Start

We have had many warm-up matches. India has beaten Australia, thrashed New Zealand, Dhoni scored a whirlwind century, Piyush Chawla justified his selection. England were nearly embarrassed by Canada, while Ireland flexed some Associate muscle. Then there was an opening ceremony which seemed like a bundle of random programs (which were pretty good, but the package did not fit somehow).
And after all this we still have England & Pakistan playing another warm-up game. Are they planning to play a World Cup at all?
Anyways, it seems tomorrow the official matches are finally going to start with India taking on Bangladesh. Only wish India absolutely hammers Bangladesh. Nothing less will do. After all that defeat in 2007 still hurts.

And to show my support for Team India, here is my symbol (Thanks to The Cricket Watcher's Journal)

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