Friday, March 11, 2011

World Cup Thoughts - March 11th

Before I begin today's post, some thoughts on the Earthqauke and tsunami in Japan. Nature putting on a "Shock and Awe" show to make everything else seem so insignificant.

England were playing today. Match had to be exciting. Here are the thoughts after today's matches.
  • Who is fixing all the England matches. Loses to Ireland and Bangladesh. Still not out of the QF race because they beat South Africa and stole a point from India. 
  • The match winning 9th wicket partnership reminded me of the Kumble-Srinath heist on Australia in the Titan Cup match in 1996.
  • Eoin Morgan must have been now wanting to play more and more for the Irish rather than the English.
  • Ireland are certainly not a minnow. haven't really been outplayed by anyone and actually have been favorite to win at some point in all the matches so far.
  • Yesterday, Zimbabwe did take 6 Sri Lankan wickets for some 20 odd runs but the those 282 scored before really hurt them. 
  • There was another screw-up with the UDRS system. Gary Wilson was given out at a very critical stage in lets say "dubious" circumstances post review. Did not see this happen directly. But thanks to Sridhar for pointing this out. (More details in his post here)
Tomorrow is a big game. India taking on South Africa to decide the top of the table.


  1. You don't have any thoughts on the LBW decision of Gary Wilson (Ire) that has led DRS into more trouble? I have lots of views on that dismissal... will be writing an entire blog on it soon.

  2. @ Shridhar did not watch the game, so had missed it then. Thanks for pointing it out. Updated the post now.


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