Tuesday, March 8, 2011

World Cup Thoughts - March 8th

Wasn't really sure of posting a blog today. But there was one hell of an innings by Luteru Ross Poutua Lote Taylor which forced me to.
  • Apparently Kenya & Canada played a World Cup match yesterday. Who won? And it was a waste of electricity playing the game under lights.
  • New Zealand - Pakistan was interesting for a total of 13 overs. The last 6 from the Kiwi innings and the first 7 of Pakistan's. A picture of the Kiwi Manhattan tells all the story. (Picture from Cricinfo)
  • How does Kamran Akmal get to keep wickets for a Test playing country? Today was even lower than his normally pathetic levels of keeping. The Pakistanis must be really wishing that ICC had prevented him from being selected in the squad.
  • Ross Taylor was given a birthday gift by Kamran Akmal on 0. A catch let go for 4, and then another one dropped two balls later. Taylor went on to hammer the bowlers in the end. 
  • I don't think I have seen a faster team 100 than those scored at the end of the New Zealand innings.
  • Conspiracy theorists might like to believe this match to be fixed. But to me this was just a case of Pakistan being Pakistan, at their inconsistent best. And all of a sudden, they are not looking the favorites anymore.
  • New Zealand, I had almost written off. But the way that they demolished Zimbabwe and now beaten Pakistan, it must have done them a world of good. Vettori's injury would be a concern though.
  • Kenya have become the first team to be officially out of running for the cup. Now the World Cup 2011 is a 13 horse race.
  • In other news, its become more and more difficult keeping track of the injured list. Broad & Pietersen are also out of the World Cup for now (some of the injured have come back, so can't say that they will not return)
India takes on the Dutch tomorrow. Should be an easy win for us. But funny things have been happening here.

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