Friday, April 13, 2012


IPL5 has started, with presumably much less interest than the earlier editions. (I know why my following has been reduced). But still have managed to catch a few glimpses of the games going on so far. A few random observations on the events so far.
  • I get to see the retired fellows again. Rahul Dravid batting & Dada's captaincy are good  enough reasons  to follow IPL
  • Is there a more "elegant" T20 batsman than Ajinkya Rahane? He is making even Dravid look a bit ugly. (Aside - Have declared Rahane as Dravid's successor in the Indian team)
  • How does Rajasthan Royals put up such a fight with hardly any big names?
  • How does KKR continue to find itself near to the bottom of the heap even after picking proven & effective T20 performers.
  • Why Mumbai Indians wasting so many talented players in the reserves?
  • West Indies cricket is the biggest loser in IPL
Just a few thoughts to open this season of IPL.

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