Sunday, April 29, 2012

IPL5 - Post2

Not following the IPL much this time around. Sign of cricketing overdose. But still switch on to SET Max every night because it is the best thing on air. Random observations on the IPL so far.
  • Too many last over finishes making things seem a bit fishy.
  • Add the messed up points table where almost every team except the Chargers is near to the top of the table. Things become fishier
  • Indian performances going backwards compared to the foreign contingent. Not good signs for the future. Where is this year's Paul Valthaty or Manish Pandey? Shahbaz Nadeem is the only domestic player who has made some name for himself.
  • Saurav Ganguly still HAS the passion. And thats why he keeps coming back. And thats why I admire him.
  • IPL 5 certainly seems to be the last time we will be we seeing Gilchrist and Murali. 
  • Dravid & Rahane - what an elegant combo. Period.
  • Wondering if the drama & hoopla behind IPL will last longer with the sponsors reducing (most of the ads are for Sony SIX, MIX, MAX & PIX and Indian Idol), owners in trouble (Mallya's airlines), and stars fading away.

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