Saturday, May 19, 2012

IPLV: Post 3 - More Scandals & Less Cricket

IPL becoming less about cricket and more about drama.
  • To begin with a so-called sting operation from a 3rd grade TV channel. They had good material exposing the underhand dealings for domestic players & franchisees. Instead attempted to turn it into a more sensational "fixing" scandal. Haven't seen much worse journalism. But then can't expect much more from a channel whose primary content is showing aliens abducting cows and similar stuff.
  • Then some team owner vs stadicum fracas. Don't give a damn.
  • One player arrested. Charges very serious. But its for the player to handle. Dear Media, don't blame IPL for this.
  • Politicians calling IPL corrupt (Perfect example of pot, kettle, black etc.). One ex-cricketer turned MP goes on fast against IPL (Annaji, see what have you done to the country).
Now over to the real stuff, the cricket
  • Chris Gayle - redefining T20 standards. I can only redirect to a far better write on the subject (The Old Batsman)
  • Rajasthan Royals crash out. Every neutrals favorite team couldn't make it to the play-offs. Just wondering - Is Sunday going to be the last innings for the Wall. Will Dravid return next year? (Want to see him play, dont want him to do be gone like Dada)
  • KKR have finally started winning. Good to see them being on top. Some toned down egos probably doing the team a world of good.
  • Its not too late. Parvinder Awana should be fast-tracked into the India A squad for West Indies.
  • The least likeable team. On current on-field behaviour has to be the Mumbai Indians.
  • Indian death bowling - only one conclusion can be drawn. It does not exist.

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