Thursday, February 11, 2010

Afghanistan: The fairytale continues

Today Afghanistan beat USA to register their 3rd consecutive victory in the T20 World Cup qualifiers being held in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. With this they have reached the super 4s stage and are probably just one win away from playing with the big boys. Its been a tremendous journey for Hamid Hassan's team over the last couple of year. From World Cricket League 5th Division to ODI status and now this, its been truly a fairy tale. And its been a journey far away from the arc-lights. There is nothing like sporting achievement to boost a country's morale. Its truly wonderful to have Afghanistan in he news for reasons other than terrorism and war. 
My full support is with the Afghanistan cricket team. May they qualify for the T20 World Cup. And then only the world will be aware of what this team has achieved.

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