Friday, February 5, 2010

The World Championship of Test Cricket - Is It?

Tomorrow begins the series which would decide who amongst India and South Africa gets to keep the mace as the ICC top ranked Test team. The series has already been billed as the "World Championship of Test Cricket" by the broadcasters. Is it really? 
It should be exciting to watch. South Africa have the most favourable record amongst all visiting teams in India. India have the best opening batsmen in world cricket and the better spinners. While South Africa have the best new ball bowlers and a solid batting lineup. Still some key ingredients are missing. 
Firstly its just a 2 match series where one bad session can easily affect the series outcome. Two match series between the top ranked teams are meaningless to say the least.
Secondly India is missing its key batsmen. Dravid & Yuvraj are not there. And there are doubts over the availability of Laxman also. A weakened  batting lineup is not ideal. It just increases the pressure on the openers & Tendulkar.
Then South Africa are also in a state of turmoil. Coach and the entire selection panel have been fired. The Transformation issue keeps rearing its head every now and then. How much effect this has on the team is to be seen.
Ideally it should have been a 4-5 test series with both teams at full strength and in the best mental framework. That would have made it the true "World Championship of Test Cricket"

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