Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The 1st Birthday with a Century

January 4, 2010 - A comment posted on the cricinfo website about Ian Bell was the push needed to start a cricket blog. And thus was born Slipstream Cricket (then known as The Crickblog).

January 4, 2011 - The blog celebrates its 1st birthday while completing its century. This is the 100th post on this blog.

From that debut to the century its been an interesting journey. Covered quite a few matches international as well as some Indian dometic, Test cricket, ODIs, T20s, some Arbit Statistics, some quotes, a few pictures, selecting random XIs . It was nice to have a platform to write about my own passion for the game. And it felt good to see that this blog has started getting noticed.

Now for a list of people I would like to thank
  • Ian Bell. A comment about Bell's inablity to get a century by himself was published on cricinfo. And that was the push needed to start the blog. Since then Ian Bell has got this monkey off his back. And is batting better than he ever has.
  • Cricinfo. For publishing the comment. And for providing such a massive database for the links.
  • The BCC! (Bored Cricket Crazy Indians). For having linked this blog on to their site and bringing itout in the public domain. Also thanks for the tweet.
  • Peter Siddle. For being the biggest traffic driver.
  • The readers of this blog. It was nice to see the score get past the 1000 mark.
Hope to continue blogging more and more.

With Best Wishes

Watching the 3rd day's play in Newlands between India & South Africa seemed a perfect way to celebrate the 1st birthday. Steyn's bowling, Sachin's century and some fighting cricket by both teams. Thanks for joining in the birthday party.

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