Monday, January 31, 2011

Eden & the World Cup - The "Hate" Affair Continues

ICC has deemed Eden Gardens unfit to host the India-England match and there are doubts about the other 3 matches as well. It is a real shame as Eden Gardens is supposed to be the ground with the best cricketing atmosphere in the country. Maybe it is just a jinx but the ground's connection with the World Cup is troubled to say the least.
My memories of the World Cup associated with Eden Gardens are all bad. The opening ceremony of 1996 which was a total fiasco specially the much hyped up laser show (then quite an innovation). It was followed up a month later by one of the most painful games for an Indian cricket fan. The semi-final against Sri Lanka, a game where we were beaten on the field and our image took a beating with all the bottles which came flying in from the stands. A crying Vinod Kambli just made the picture more pathetic.
And now 15 years later the matches are being moved out of Eden. The Eden Gardens - World Cup hate affair just continues.

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