Monday, January 3, 2011


Wishing a very Happy Twenty11 to all readers (I know there are a few).
So the new year is here, and it seems to be filled with lots of cricketing action specially for the Indian fan. So here is a look at what to expect in Twenty11.
  • The battle for No. 1 (right now on in Cape Town, as I write South Africa losing wickets in heaps).
  • The World Cup. I have already begun dreaming about the sight of the Indian team holding the World Cup in Wankhede. What a finish that would be to SRT's ODI career.
  • Tours of West Indies, England & Australia.
  • IPL
In other news currently Australia battling on with England in Sydney. Usman Khwaja has made his debut. (In my opinion should have made his debut earlier replacing North rather than Steve Smith). And it seems @theashes is there in Sydney watching the match in company of Steve Waugh. Now I am feeling really jealous of this American girl.

And finally hoping against hope that there is no further drama in Pakistani cricket.

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