Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Decision of Madness

ICC has restricted the World Cup to only 10 teams in 2015, and then shut down all doors for Associates by restricting it only to the Test playing Nations. A decision which makes no sense at all. It has almost ensured that cricket doesn't expand beyond the 10 countries. And we are not likey to see the 11th Test playing country emerging anytime soon.
The decision has been met with large scale indignation. I am yet to come across any forum where there has been a single comment in favour of this decision. Yet it has been done. I am specially feeling bad for the Irish cricketers who for 2 World cups have provided the story of the tournament. And been my second favorite team in this one. To top it all they are actually ranked no. 10 as per ICC's own rankings ahead of Zimbabwe (who are a Test playing nation but don't play any Tests). I am not much aware of the economic situation but Ireland would certainly provide a better market than Zimbabawe.
As Graeme Swann rightly put, "This decision is like taking the World out of the World Cup"
P.S. The biggest beneficiary from this decision is likely to be England. Now the Irish & Dutch players can play with them without any guilt.

There is now an online petition doing the rounds against the ICC decision. Here is the link in case you are opposed to the decion. http://www.petitiononline.com/wc2015/petition.html.

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  1. Nishant, I don't know if you have already done it, but there is an online petition against this decision of the ICC, which you can sign. Here is the link: http://petol.org/wc2015


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