Friday, April 1, 2011

World Cup Final - One day to go & Arbit Statistics - 6

Its less than 24 hours to go for the final of the 2011 ICC World Cup. It shouldn't get any bigger than this, but given India's last two games, the final seems a bit anti-climatic. In fact there is a worrying lack of nervousness in me regarding the outcome of this game. Here are the thoughts for the match.
  • India vs Sri Lanka. The very idea of this fixture is irritating. How many times do these teams have to play each other.
  • Sri Lanka has called up Chaminda Vaas (I thought he had retired by now) as injury cover for Angelo Matthews. All the paperwork must be in place for an emergency replacement and proceed efficiently as well. Shouldn't there have been a deadline for such changes?
  • For India Ashish Nehra has a broken finger while attempting a catch diving forward. This is what happens when you do things which you are not used to doing.
  • If required India should replace Nehra with Joginder Sharma. After all Sir Jogi has been Dhoni's lucky charm (though mostly in the T20 format). And he is a proven winners' medal winner.
Wish for the Match
  • SRT scores his 100th international 100 as India wins the game, while Muralitharan signs off with a wicket off his last ball in international cricket (his only wicket though). [Or is this a bit too fairytalish finish? In that case I'll just settle for an Indian victory only]
Arbit Stat for the match
  • If India win (and they will win), they would have beaten all the past 4 World Champions in a row in the sequnece in which they became World Champions (West Indies, Australia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka) [Stat courtesy - RameshSrivats on twitter]
India to WIN, Bleeding Blue (the Indian shade, not the Sri Lankan one)

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