Thursday, April 28, 2011

Whats in a Name?

Something inside feels very happy on seeing the name published. It could be for any silly reason like a comment published on cricinfo. The first time they published a comment of mine, this blog happened. (Thank You Cricinfo & Ian Bell). So this one deserves at least a post of its own.
Was reading the pre-game commentary for the Delhi vs KKR IPL match. Someone mentioned that Ryan ten Doeschate has a name which is too fancy for a cricketer. In reply our commentator came up with this
Napolean Einstein has to be the awesomest name ever and not just in cricketing circles. I remembered reading this name in connection with the Under-19 World Cup. But after having played for India Under-19s he seemed to have disappeared. Even his  List A career is weird to say the least. Played for Tamil Nadu in 2007, 2 matches, 2 innings with a best of 92 and never played again. Now to sort out this little mystery, asked our helpful commentator via the feedback and this is what got published after the 3rd ball of he innings.

Nishant: "Napolean Einstein - Remember reading about it during one of the Under-19 World Cups. Saw his stats, 2 List A games in 2006-7 season 92 runs in 1 innings and a total of 2 matches in all. Anyone know what happened to him after that?" Well, he got busy with physics and world domination. He was picked in the CSK team a couple of years back ...

Another cricketer lost while going up through the ranks?

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