Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Vijay Hazare Trophy 2022-23: Jharkhand Review

Jharkhand placed in Group B with all matches played in Kolkata. The Virat Singh lead squad finished 3rd in the Group. However, they qualified as best 3rd place team to join the 5 Group runners-up in the Pre-Quarter Finals, where they once again met Karnataka and met a similar fate. Overall, it was a decent campaign. Some of the batters were amongst the runs. And in Kumar Kushagra, they have found another wicket-keeper batter who can keep a calm head in a crisis both in chases as well as while rebuilding an innings. Won’t be surprised if some of the franchisees looking for a back-up wicket-keeper show a keen interest in him during the upcoming IPL Auction!

Here is a game by game summary of the tournament.

Game 1: Jharkhand 309/3 (50) beat Sikkim 116/10 (40.1/50) by 193 runs
Highlights: Rahul Shukla 5/19, Utkarsh Singh 52 & 1/4, Virat Singh 75, Saurabh Tiwary 63*, Kumar Deobrat 51*

Game 2: Assam 163/10 (39.4) lost to Jharkhand 166/2 (35) by 8 wickets
Highlights: Vivekanand Tiwari 4/42, Utkarsh Singh 83* & 1/12, Virat Singh 50

Game 3: Jharkhand 107/10 (40.4) lost to Karnataka 108/4 (26.3) by 6 wickets
Highlights: Kumar Kushagra 56

Game 4: Rajasthan 270/10 (49) lost Jharkhand 271/5 (49) by 5 wickets
Highlights: Rahul Shukla 5/53, Utkarsh Singh 91 & 1/31, Saurabh Tiwary 76

Game 5: Jharkhand 321/2 (50) beat Meghalaya 129/10 (40.3) by 192 runs
Highlights: Utkarsh Singh 128*, Virat Singh 112, Vikash Singh 3/17, Sushant Mishra 3/33

Game 6: Delhi 259/5 (50) lost to Jharkhand 260/5 (48.5) by 5 wickets
Highlights: Virat Singh 116*

Game 7: Vidarbha 297/3 (50) beat Jharkhand 288/6 (50) by 9 runs
Highlights: Saurabh Tiwary 138*, Kumar Kushagra 55

Pre-Quarter-Final: Jharkhand 187/10 (47.1) lost to Karnataka 188/5 (40.5) by 5 wickets
List A Debut: Arnav Sinha
Highlights: Kumar Kushagra 74, Anukul Roy 57

Tournament Stats
Highest Scorers
  1. Virat Singh: 390 @ 65.00, 2x100, 2x50
  2. Utkarsh Singh: 370 @ 61.67, 1x100, 3x50
  3. Saurabh Tiwary: 367 @ 91.75, 1x100, 2x50
Highest Wicket-takers
  1. Rahul Shukla: 16 @ 16.25, 2x5
  2. Shahbaz Nadeem: 8 @ 37.50
  3. Sushant Mishra: 7 @ 19.86
Top Score: Saurabh Tiwary: 138* vs Vidarbha
Best Bowling: Rahul Shukla: 5/19 vs Sikkim
Players Used: 17 
List A Debuts: 1

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Vijay Hazare Trophy 22-23: Bihar review

Bihar were placed in Group C with all matches played in Bengaluru. Another poor outing for Bihar as they finished with 4 points from 2 abandoned games and 5 losses to finish 7th in the 8 strong group. The learning curve has still a long way to go for the Ashutosh Aman lead side.

There was no consistency in selection with 21 players used off whom 6 played only one game each!

Here is the game by game summary

Game 1: Tamil Nadu 106/2 (17.1/38) vs Bihar: Match Abandoned due to rain
List A Debut: Harsh Singh, Surya Vansh

Game 2: Goa 329/6 beat Bihar 241/10 (46.5) by 88 runs
Highlights: Ashutosh Aman 3/42, Sachin Kumar 76, Surya Vansh 63

Game 3: Bihar 158/10 (47.5) lost to Haryana 159/1 (22.2) by 9 wickets
List A Debut: Raghuvendra Pratap Singh

Game 4: Andhra 302/7 (50) beat Bihar 170/10 (44.3) by 132 runs
Highlights: Veer Pratap Singh 60
Vijay Vats played his first senior game in India, having earlier played in Sri Lanka earlier this year!

Game 5: Chhattisgarh 304/7 (50) beat Bihar 241/9 (50) by 63 runs
List A Debut: Adhiraj Johri, Shishir Saket
Highlights: Bipin Saurabh 110* (86)

Game 6: Bihar 201/10 (49.3) lost to Kerala 205/1 (24.4) by 9 wickets
List A Debut: Gaurav, Himansu Singh
Highlights: Sakibul Gani 68

Game 7: Arunachal Pradesh 170/10 (48.4) vs Bihar 56/2 (13.5): Match abandoned due to rain
List A Debut: Ravi Shankar
Highlights: Ashutosh Aman 3/19, Sachin Kumar 3/26, Veer Pratap Singh 3/39

Tournament Stats
Highest Scorers
  1. Sachin Kumar: 183 @36.60, 1x50
  2. Bipin Saurabh: 159 @53.00, 1x100
  3. Sakibul Gani: 113 @18.83, 1x50
Highest Wicket-takers
  1. Harsh Singh: 8 @34.75
  2. Ashutosh Aman: 7 @ 33.57
  3. Sachin Kumar: 6 @22.00
Top Score: Bipin Saurabh 110* vs Chhattisgarh
Best Bowling: Ashutosh Aman 3/19 vs Arunachal
Players Used: 21
List A Debuts: 8

Overall, a very disappointing show from Bihar. Lets see how they perform in the Ranji Trophy

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy 2022-23: Bihar Review

Bihar were placed in Group D. All matches held in Indore and mostly televised live presenting a great opportunity for the players to present their cases for the next IPL auctions.

Things did not go too well for the Ashutosh Aman lead side. They beat Nagaland and almost trumped Andhra but were outplayed in the other matches to finish 6th in the group.

Here is the game-by-game summary of the tournament for Bihar.

Game 1: Nagaland 145/8 (20) lost to Bihar 148/4 (19.1) by 6 wickets
T20 Debut: Raghuvendra Pratap Singh, Rishav Raj
Highlights: Anuj Raj 4/32, Abhijeet Saket 2/19, Bipin Saurabh 29 (19), Sachin Kumar 34* (18)

Game 2: Himachal Pradesh (179/7) (20) beat Bihar 150/6 (20) by 29 runs
T20 Debut: Anshuman Raj, Apurva Anand
Highlights: Sakibula Gani 48 (29), Bipin Saurabh 40 (32)

Game 3: Baroda 156/5 (20) beat Bihar 120/8 (20) by 36 runs
Highlights: Anuj Raj 2/19, Sachin Kumar 0/15 & 38 (35)

Game 4: Bihar 181/2 (20) lost to Andhra 186/8 (19.4) by 2 wickets
T20 Debut: Pietar Mardi, Sakib Hussain
Highlights: Babul Kumar 72 (50), Bipin Saurabh 52 (39), Abhijeet Saket 3/31

Game 5: Bihar 119/10 (19.4) lost to Saurashtra 124/2 (14.1) by 8 wickets
T20 Debut: Roshan Madhav

Game 6: Bihar 161/7 (20) lost to Gujarat 165/6 (14) by 4 wickets
Highlights: Mangal Mahrour 51* (37), Sakib Hussain 4/20

Tournament Stats
Highest Scorers
  1. Bipin Saurabh: 141 @ 23.50, 1x50
  2. Sakibul Gani 140 @ 28.00
  3. Sachin Kumar 127 @ 31.75
Highest Wicket-takers
  1. Anuj Raj: 9 @ 14.56
  2. Abhijeet Saket: 7 @ 25.14
  3. Sakib Hussain: 4 @ 11.75
Top Score: Babul Kumar 72 vs Andhra 
Best Bowling: Sakib Hussain 4/20 vs Gujarat
Players Used: 20
T20 Debuts: 7

Overall, not much to write about for the Bihar team, although the things are improving slightly.

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Syed Mustaq Ali Trophy 2022-23: Jharkhand Review

Jharkhand were placed in Group E with all matches held in Lucknow. It was a disappointing tourney for the Virat Singh led side, as they started off with a couple of games abandoned and stumbled to two defeats. Two wins at the end redeemed the tournament a bit but overall nothing much to write home about for Jharkhand as they finished 4th in the group.

Here is the game wise summary

Game 1: Jharkhand vs Bengal – Abandoned without a ball bowled

Game 2: Jharkhand vs Chhattisgarh – Abandoned without a ball bowled

Game 3: Jharkhand 106/9 (20) lost to Chandigarh 107/1 (17.3) by 9 wickets
T20 Debut: Aayush Bhardwaj, Rajandeep Singh

Game 4: Tamil Nadu 138/10 (20) beat Jharkhand 126/8 (20) by 12 runs
Highlights: Nadeem 4/12, Vikash Singh 3/22, Virat Singh 52* (38)

Game 5: Jharkhand 188/5 (20) beat Odisha 117/10 (19.2) by 71 runs
T20 Debut: Manishi
Highlights: Ishan Kishan 102* (64), Nadeem 3/21, Anukul Roy 2/19

Game 6: Sikkim 58/10 (17) lost to Jharkhand 61/0 (6) by 10 wickets

Tournament Stats
Highest Scorers
  1. Ishan Kishan: 138 @ 69, 1x100
  2. Virat Singh: 91 @ 45.50, 1x50
  3. Aayush Bhardwaj: 41 @13.67
Highest Wicket-takers
  1. Shahbaz Nadeem: 8 @ 7.00
  2. Vikash Singh: 5 @ 18.00
  3. Vivekanand Tiwari: 3 @ 8.67
Top Score: Ishan Kishan 102* vs Odisha
Best Bowling: Shahbaz Nadeem 4/12 vs Tamil Nadu
Players Used: 17
T20 Debuts: 3 

Overall, nothing noteworthy from the Jharkhand team, It was the proven performers like Ishan and Nadeem who gave decent performances. Hoping for better outcomes in the coming tournaments

Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Jharkhand 2022-23: Duleep Trophy

The new domestic season kicked off with the Duleep Trophy which is returning after a gap of 2 years. Another sign that the world is returning back to normalcy after the Covid-19 pandemic!

Duleep Trophy reverted back to the inter-zonal format. Much better than being part of Elite/Plate A/B/C or India Red/Blue/Green!

From Jharkhand, Virat Singh, Nazim Siddique, Kumar Kushagra & Shahbaz Nadeem made the East Zone squad, with Virat being named the vice-captain. In the Quarter-final against North Zone, only Virat and Nadeem made the playing XI. Virat top-scoring with 117 (his 7th century in first-class cricket) in the first innings and 7 in the 2nd. Nadeem had figures of 2/124 in the only North Zone innings. North Zone making it to the semis on the basis of 1st innings lead.

Meanwhile, our star fast bowler Varun Aaron has decided to shift to Baroda after having been part of Jharkhand squads for 18 seasons! Wishing him the best for his new stint. 

So, overall, a sedate start to the season. Let's see what the rest of the season holds for the team.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Arbit Stats #73: Trent Boult – Topping the Bottom

In the highly entertaining Trent Bridge Test, it was Trent Boult who got the statistic to remember. During the course of his two innings, he surpassed the great Muttiah Muralitharan as the batter with the most runs scored batting at No. 11.

This is certainly a unique record as it requires the perfect amalgamation of a lot of contrasting skills into achieving it. Some of these include:
  1. Longevity: the first test for any greatness. One certainly needs a long career to produce so many runs
  2. Competence with the ball: otherwise you will not be put in the XI, especially these days in the era of multi-dimensional cricketers.
  3. Being the worst batter of the group: If you start regularly scoring more than the fair share of runs expected from a No. 11, you may get promoted to No. 10 (or higher) and that ends your bid for this record (ask Zaheer Khan, once scored 75 at No. 11 and was then bumped up the order). And the group will be regularly changing. There is far greater churn amongst bowlers due to pitch, form, rotation and injuries.
  4. Luck: there is a fair chance the days you are in good form having hit a couple of 4s off the middle of the bat, successfully blocking others, the next over the other guy gets out and that’s it for the innings.
  5. A not so great batting order: which doesn’t score so big that the captain regularly declares the innings and the last fellows don’t even get a strike in the middle. 
Overall, a bowler with a long career, who is able to wield the bat as an instrument to collect random runs without showing any real batting skill and lots of luck. 

Just look at the names in the Top 10 – Boult, Murali, Anderson, McGrath, Walsh, Willis, Statham, Ntini, Lyon, Hazlewood.

All a perfect amalgamation of the above factors.

Friday, June 10, 2022

Ranji Trophy 2021-22 Quarter-Finals: Jharkhand vs Bengal

Bengal 773/7d 318/7d drew with Jharkhand 298/10. Bengal qualify for semi-finals

Karma is real. That must have been the feeling of Jharkhand team as Bengal did to them what they themselves had done to Nagaland in the previous game. i.e., bat till the 3rd day, then skittle out the opposition, take a big lead, bat again into the 5th day, declare and then shake hands.

This was another game more for the statistically obsessed.

  • 9 – First ever instance of 9 batters scoring a 50 in the same first-class innings. Well done Bengal!
  • Virat Singh – 6th first-class century & 3rd of the season. Maybe Sunrisers made a mistake by letting him go
  • Shahbaz Nadeem – 22nd career 5-wicket haul. Unfortunately, it came in the second innings when it was all over.
Season Stats
Highest Scorers
  1. Kumar Kushagra 439 @ 62.71, 1x200, 2x50
  2. Virat Singh 391 @ 55.86, 3x100
  3. Nazim Siddiqui 322 @ 35.78, 1x100, 2x50
Highest Wicket-takers
  1. Shahbaz Nadeem 25 @ 24.96, 3x5, 1x10
  2. Sushant Mishra 16 @ 30.94, 1x5
  3. Anukul Roy 12 @ 33.67
Best Batting: Kumar Kushagra 254 vs Nagaland
Best Bowling: Sushant Mishra 5/27 vs Chhattisgarh
Player Count: 15
Captain Count: 2
First-Class Debut: 3

Coming Up Next: Wait for the next season to start, which should be a full one

Monday, May 30, 2022

IPL 2022: Jharkhand & Bihar Performances

IPL 2022 is done and dusted with Gujarat Titans winning the title in their first appearance in the tournament. Here is a short summary of the representatives of Jharkhand & Bihar teams at this edition of the IPL.
  1. MS Dhoni (CSK) – 14 Matches, 232 runs @33.14 with 1 fifty, 9 catches. After having stepped down had to take over the captaincy midway through the tournament. And he has announced that he will be back next season
  2. Ishan Kishan (MI) – 14 matches, 418 runs @32.15 with 3 50s, 13 catches. This was an ordinary season for Ishan, yet he scored over 400 runs and was the top run-getter for MI.
  3. Varun Aaron (GT) – 2 matches, 2 wickets @26 & ER of 10.40. Did not really make much use of his two outings for the eventual champions, but he has an IPL trophy now.
  4. Anukul Roy (KKR) – 2 matches, 1 wicket @55 & ER 7.85. Finally got some game time but no special performance.
No games for Shahbaz Nadeem (LSG) and Bihar's sole representative Anunay Singh (RR).

Nothing out of ordinary from the Jharkhand players in the limited outings they got. Slightly disappointing to see that given the league had expanded and teams were playing locals more often. 

Next up – Ranji Trophy Quarter-finals for Jharkhand.

Tuesday, March 22, 2022

IPL 2022: Jharkhand & Bihar Representation

IPL 2022 is around the corner. It is expanded, still impacted by the pandemic but most importantly back in India. All matches in its own bubble though instead of going all over the country.

Here are the representatives from Jharkhand and Bihar who will be appearing in this edition

  1. MS Dhoni (Chennai Super Kings) – he may have retired from all other formats and tournaments, but Dhoni continues to a vital cog in the CSK juggernaut.
  2. Ishan Kishan (Mumbai Indians) – MI broke the bank for Ishan. As expected, he was the highest valued player in this year’s auctions. And now has to live up to this price tag as well.
  3. Varun Aaron (Gujarat Titans) – Should get a few games during the tournament
  4. Anukul Roy (Kolkata Knight Riders) – moved from Mumbai Indians where he was playing more as a specialist substitute fielder. Lets see what opportunities he gets with KKR
  5. Shahbaz Nadeem (Lucknow Super Giants) – A new franchisee for Nadeem. Should get a few games here.
Bihar - Anunay Singh (Rajasthan Royals) – first ever representative of Bihar team to be picked by an IPL team. Hope he gets some game time.

There were no takers for the likes of Saurabh Tiwary (quite surprising), Virat Singh & Utkarsh Singh who were part of last year’s squads. There could be some injury/withdrawal replacements opening up during the tournament. 

Good luck to all the players! Hope they use these opportunities to further their careers.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Ranji Trophy 2021-22: Pre-Quarter Final - Jharkhand vs Nagaland

Jharkhand 880/10 & 417/6d drew with Nagaland 289/10

What a weird match. Played on a non-responsive pitch showing the gulf between the Elite and Plate groups. Jharkhand could be accused of not showing “intent” to win, but what would they even gain had they tried winning. Better to just bat on rather than field in these hot conditions! And they did take 100 overs to get Nagaland out in the first innings.

This was also a game for the record keepers and statisticians. And it also got the social media attention helped by the fact that it was the only Ranji game on.

Small mercy for Nagaland – everyone agreed to a Draw much before the scheduled close, otherwise they had a small matter of 1,009 runs to chase in the final innings.

And spare a thought for the Jharkhand top order who did not really join this run-feast like their middle and lower order did! And credit to Saurabh Tiwary and Virat Singh for not batting in the second innings! Meanwhile wondering how Sushant Mishra would feel for getting a pair in this match

  • 880 – 4th highest Ranji Trophy score ever and the highest in this millennium
  • 1297 – Jharkhand’s combined tally – 3rd highest match tally. I guess the team minght not have been aware of this record when they called in the second innings.
  • Kumar Kushagra – 254 & 89 – Maiden first-class century. Scoring big runs in the true tradition of a Jharkhand wicket-keeper (Dhoni, Ishan Kishan, Indrani Roy)
  • Virat Singh – 5th First-class century
  • Anukul Roy – 2nd first-class century & personal best of 153
  • Shahbaz Nadeem – 2nd first-class century & personal best of 177
  • Rahul Shukla – 85* coming in at No. 11. He certainly missed out on century
Season Stats
Highest Scorers
  1. Kumar Kushagra 437 @ 72.83, 1x200, 1x50
  2. Anukul Roy 283 @ 35.38, 1x100, 1x50
  3. Virat Singh 278 @ 39.71, 2x100
Highest Wicket-takers
  1. Shahbaz Nadeem 18 @ 21.67, 2x5, 1x10
  2. Sushant Mishra 13 @ 23.62, 1x5
  3. Anukul Roy 10 @ 23.50
Best Batting: Kumar Kushagra 254 vs Nagaland
Best Bowling: Sushant Mishra 5/27 vs Chhattisgarh
Player Count: 15
Captain Count: 2
First-Class Debut: 3

Coming Up Next: Quarter-Finals which will be held post IPL