Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rahul Dravid - The ODI Farewell

September 16, 2011, Sofia Gardens, Cardiff became the scene for the farewell of Rahul Dravid from ODI cricket. A legendary career came to an end with a typical performance from the man known as "The Wall". He played a solid, non-fussy innings of 69. However as is usually the case somebody else performed better. (In this case his seemingly heir apparent Virat Kohli's century). But this time he was not overshadowed. Whatever be the result (and as I write we are in the 4th over of England's rain-shortened chase) this will be remembered as Dravid's match. It was great to see a batsman who once wasn't thought to be good enough for the format retiring on his own terms. (Great article on this from cricinfo here)

Interestingly he shouldn't even have been playing in this series. Dravid was a panic pick for the ODI tour, which came as a shock to everyone including the man himself. The selection resulted in his announcing his retirement and also the statement that he had not done it earlier because he hadn't been picked for a while. (Video here).

Hoping now that India wins this game (Indra Dev permitting of course). That would be a fitting farewell to a legend. 

P.S. Interesting aside, exactly 4 years ago, 16th Septemeber, 2007 was the last time Dravid led India.

P.P.S Dravid the ODI batsman was great, Dravid the wicketkeeper was good, but even Dravid the bowler wasn't too bad. Saeed Anwar, Gary Kirsten, Lance Klusener and Shaun Pollock isn't a bad collection of wickets.  Check this video here from this match.


  1. I dont know why is everyone mourning over his retirement............. guys he is still playing the most lavish and sought after cricket tournament "THE MONEY MAKING IPL"


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