Monday, September 17, 2018

Domestic Schedule 2018-19: Jharkhand

The domestic season has already started, with Duleep Trophy completed with some hue of India winning the Trophy. And it also clashed with India’s ongoing tour of England and a quadrangular A series where India fielded two teams. Thus we had India, India A, India B, India red, India Green, India Blue playing simultaneously. All this resulted in a mega confusion of who is playing for whom, at least for the viewers. Hopefully the players were clear about the matter! 

As is the process every year, the domestic schedule has undergone a change. But this year the change has been drastic with the addition of 9 new first-class teams. While Bihar’s addition was on expected lines, the Lodha Committee diktats have led to all North-eastern states, Uttarakhand and Puducherry gaining full status. 

With Bihar’s re-entry, I now have two teams to support. I guess quite a lot of players might also have shifted ranks here and there! So this blog will try to cover both Bihar & Jharkhand.

Here are Jharkhand’s fixtures

Vijay Hazare Trophy – Jharkhand are placed in the 10-team Group C from which 2 will qualify for the knock-outs.
  1. 19-Sep-18: Jharkhand vs Haryana
  2. 20-Sep-18: Jharkhand vs Rajasthan
  3. 24-Sep-18: Jharkhand vs Assam
  4. 25-Sep-18: Jharkhand vs Tamil Nadu
  5. 27-Sep-18: Jharkhand vs J&K
  6. 1-Oct-18: Jharkhand vs Bengal
  7. 5-Oct-18: Jharkhand vs Tripura
  8. 7-Oct-18: Jharkhand vs Gujarat
  9. 10-Oct-18: Jharkhand vs Services
Ranji Trophy - Jharkhand are placed in the 10-team Group C from which 2 will qualify for the knock-outs.
  1. November 1-4, 2018: Jharkhand vs Assam
  2. November 12-15, 2018: Jharkhand vs Haryana
  3. November 20-23, 2018: Jharkhand vs Rajasthan
  4. November 28-December 1, 2018: Jharkhand vs Goa
  5. December 6-9, 2018: Jharkhand vs Odisha
  6. December 14-17, 2018: Jharkhand vs UP
  7. December 22-15, 2018: Jharkhand vs Services
  8. December 30, 2018 – January 2, 2019: Jharkhand vs Tripura 
  9. January 7-10, 2019: Jharkhand vs J&K

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