Monday, January 25, 2010

Living the Hype

An India-Pakistan World Cup Knock-out match always lives up to the hype, whatever level it would be at. In a match reduced to 23 overs a side, the Pakistan beat India in the Under-19 World Cup Quarter-final by2 wickets. Pakistan won the toss and put India into bat first. The Indian innings never got going after losing 2 wickets in the very first over. They ended up with 114. In reply Pakistan kept losing wickets at regular intervals but somehow managed to scrape through with 2 wickets in hand and 3 balls to spare.
I managed to catch most of the India innings (woke up on time) and the first few overs of the Pakistan innings (had to leave for office, I have working Saturdays). Managed to keep track of the score. What impressed me most was the quality of seam bowling on display from both the sides. The conditions were helpful but still credit must go to these youngsters who managed to use these conditions. I specially liked the Indian new ball pair of Sandeep Sharma & Saurabh Netravalkar, who bowled at a fair pace (in the 130s) and swung it around as well. Hopefully they will be able to continue with this.
Post game there were some interesting observations from PCB & ex-Pakistan players. According to them it was payback on India because of all the tamasha at the IPL auction. Illogical & completely out of context, thats what this statement was. Is not being selected for IPL such a big deal? Whatever happened to playing for your own country?

There are rumours floating of the Sri Lankan board planning a series against India this year. (NOOOOOOOOO,..........)
Tomorrow is the day for Gautam Gambhir. Overnight not out on 26 against Bangladesh in the 2nd Test. Richards & Bradman are waiting.

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