Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Ball-Biting Finish

Wonder what Shahid Afridi was upto? Caught on the cameras biting the ball with his teeth (a really disgusting thing by itself). And has been suspended on charges of ball tampering for two games.
The charges are pretty serious but the event itself is really, really comical. And Afridi's explanations for his actions were, well, truly out of this world. (He claimed to have been sniffing the ball initially). But with cameras all around (27 of them, from what I have heard) there was going to be no escape. He admitted trying to tamper the ball in a desperate attempt to help Pakistan win the 5th ODI against Australia(phew). One must say that his attempts were innovative. Though it left everyone dazed and searching for explanations.
Afridi's actions did provide good fodder for headline makers & tweeple. A few sample ones follow
"Why will Mike Tyson lose to Shahid Afridi ? Coz Mike Tyson bites ears Shahid Afridi bites BALLS"
"Shahid Afridi has been signed up for Vicco Vajradanti Ads"
"what starwars character are you? Ans : Chewbacca"
"Oh well, after all those one-sided matches, Pakistan finally managed a ball-biting finish"
"Q: "Who bit this cricket ball? " A: "Shayad Afridi"
"The Pakistan team continues to struggle from teething troubles"

Cricket really is a funny game. Something bizzare and unseen can always happen.

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