Monday, November 29, 2010


Today when I switched on the TV before leaving for work, the score was 503 for 1. And this was not Sri Lanka building a huge score in the first innings of a home test. This was England in the 2nd innings of the first Ashes Test in Brisbane, after having conceded a 220 odd run lead in the first innings. 
The Aussies must be a real demoralised lot, after this battering. The end result may have been a draw but the psycholigical points are with England. They survived when nobody expected them to. Hats off to Strauss, Cook & Trott for their magnificent innings.

P.S. The Aussies can take heart from the fact that according to the Ranji Trophy scoring system, the points would have been Australia-3, England-1.

P.P.S. I can recall a similar match from 1999. India were shot out for 83 in the first innings, then scored 500+ for 3 (with 3 centurions) in the 2nd against the Kiwis.

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