Sunday, March 13, 2011

World Cup Thoughts - March 12th

Writing in Anger and Disappointment. Certainly not a good thing to do. But here goes.
  • Today was March 12. Seems to be the day the South Africans do not choke. 5 years ago they beat Australia in THAT game in Johannesburg.
  • First 40 overs with the bat, India were AWESOME.
  • Sebwag's 4Play. 5th game in a row, he hits the 1st ball for boundary.
  • Another SRT 100 in vain.
  • The Batting powerplay is the game changer and usually messing up the batsmen more than the bowlers.
  • Losing 9 wickets for 29 runs. Thats a collapse to be envious of. A freakish display nonetheless and hopefully not going to happen repeatedly.
  • The powerpacked batting line up failed miserably at the end today and still scored nearly 300 runs. And we failed to defend these many runs. Bowling is Worrying.
  • Should still qualify through but after that what happens is anybody's guess.
  • Somehow can't be enthused about either of tomorrow's matches (New Zealand vs Kenya and Australia vs Canada)
P.S. I am not picking any more calls during the last over of the game. 

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