Friday, March 18, 2011

World Cup Thoughts - March 17th

Straight into the bullet points today
  • England are at it again. How do they manage to make every game exciting regardless of the opposition?
  • After 6 games, all of which they could have won or lost, England are somewhere in the middle of the table. Not yet qualified but not yet out though.
  • Most of the England players seem to have hair issues. Going by the number of nerve sapping games that they are having, no wonder.
  • Moment of the Day - Trott's catch off Russel. England's Hope seemingly depended on if Trott's shirt was on the rope. I thought it was not. Simon Taufel seeing the same replays thought it was and gave it a six. He umpires in top level cricket, I do not. 
  • Andre Russel did everything with the ball, on the field and with the bat, yet could not win it for West Indies.
  • For sheer entertainment, England deserve some award not the cup itself.
  • And for tomorrow, a battle for honor between Ireland & Netherlands and a placing match between Sri Lanka & New Zealand.
  • Wondering why Sri Lanka is playing a game in Mumbai when they are co-hosting the Cup?

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