Thursday, March 3, 2011

World Cup Thoughts - March 3rd

After the grand Irish victory, yesternight, 2 seemingly boring matches were lined up. Here are today's World Cup thoughts.
  • South Africa hammered Netherlands by 232 run margin. The batting machine was efficient with Amla & de Villiers getting centuries while no one really clicked for the Dutch.
  • The 2nd game between Canada and Pakistan turned out to be much closer than expected. Pakistan certainly in quite a bit of bother till Afridi came up with a 5-wicket haul.
  • Canada looked liked an immigrant XI more than anything else.
  • They might have been beaten on the field but the Canadians certainly did not fall behind on thee verbal front. It was certainly funny seeing all the talk going on.
  • ICC seemed to be using this game to popularise the concept of the UDRS. Daryll Harper made one mistake after another and then kept on getting corrected by the Decision Review System. 
  • Tomorrow 2 critical matches from the Quarter-final perspective are lined up. Zimbabwe against new Zealand and Bangladesh against West Indies. My predictions - Zimababwe and Bangladesh to win.
Cricketing Joke of the Day
Q. What do you say when the "Laughing Buddha" becomes serious?
A. Gautam Gambhir [Gautam being the name of Buddha and Gambhir meaning "serious"]


  1. dude we never got to see this wit of urs in school.... very nice blog

  2. pakistani were shocked when rao replied them in their language .....btw maza aaya sun k predictions for tomorrow matches r just opposite to wht u hav predicted.

  3. Thanks Romil Bhai
    aur school chhode huye 11 saal ho gaye, thode changes to aayenge hi :)

  4. Do these kind of regular mistakes by on-field umpires have any impact on their careers? Does ICC take note of how many ridiculus decisions they make and take any action? UDRS has certainly made this aspect of umpiring quite evident if nothingelse!

  5. @ Sambit, Seems the ICC does take note. Ashoka de Silva has been dropped from big games.


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