Thursday, November 24, 2011

200 Not Out

Rahul Dravid reached the milestone of 13,000 Test runs.
Sachin Tendulkar is more than half way in the attempt for the 100th international 100.
Darren Bravo is looking more and more like the man he is often compared to, Brian Lara.

Meanwhile, almost unnoticed, Slipstream Cricket (formerly called The Crickiblog) has reached its own special milestone of 200 posts (this being the 200th one). The 100th post milestone had been reached on the  blog's 1st birthday. Since then the strike rate has improved considerably and the 2nd 100 took less than 11 months.

How do I explain this improved strike rate? The cricket world cup happened for one (India won :D), which kept the months of February and March quite busy. My posting ability improved (:P). Or maybe I had nothing better to do and becoming a bigger cricket tragic than I already was. (But my other blog seems to have hit a writer's block and frequency of posts has deteriorated quite rapidly).

In the past one year, the blog has undergone a little bit of design changes. The Arbit Statistics have got a fully dedicated section for themselves, though they keep updating pretty fast. Also the blog has made acquaintance with fellow blogs on the matters of the gentleman's game. (Point to be noted -  the blog and not the blogger). It feels good to be mentioned around here and there.

As for the content, have decided that this is not a newspaper or a review site. And I do NOT have to cover all the goings on in the cricket world (but still follow up a lot). A lot can be left unwritten. But whenever there are some thoughts assembled they ought to be jotted down and posted. So these posts are becoming the random musings of a die-hard fanatic.

Nowadays, also being occasionally published at DHCF (Die Hard Cricket Fans). The posts get published as the editor wishes.

Finally, time for a dedications.
  • To The Sledgehammer of Eternal Justice, for being the catalyst for the blog's genesis and its name.
  • To BCCI, for making our team play non-stop, so that the lack of posts can never be blamed on the lack of cricketing events taking place. Laziness will take the blame here.
  • To Pakistan cricket, its board and its players, for providing most of the off-field drama.
  • To South Africa, for continuing their proud choking traditions.
  • To Australia, for not being the dominant force that they were, so that sadist fans across the non-Australian world can gloat.
  • To England for being the most entertaining team in the cricket world (so damned good in Tests and absolutely lousy in the ODIs).
  • To Jharkhand for winning its first ever domestic trophy. Your deeds will be followed. (Aside - Can't think of any other blogger writing about Jharkhand cricket).
  • To Rahul Dravid. Just for being Rahul Dravid.
To the next century.

P.S. Hoping I haven't jinxed it (You-know-who's You-know-what )

P.P.S Hobbies can be addictive


  1. Congratulations on the double hundred! Lets hope the strike rate improves further for the next 100, and by the time you close in to Lara's 400, you will be scoring at Sehwag's pace! ;-)

  2. Thanks Shridhar :)
    And good to see you back after a long hiatus

  3. Super! Btw, this should also come under arbit statistics, no? Just kidding :)

    Hoping that I can catch up on the strike rate, atleast!

  4. Thanks APB :)
    You yourself haven't made to too bad a start :)

    You know that thought actually crossed my mind but decided against it :)


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